IIA Flow and transport processes and monitoring in rivers and coastal waters

  • Under stratified conditions, most mixing processes are restricted to the surface layer, which is receiving a pollutant supply from river plumes
  • The spatially integrated statistics of passive contaminant provides a methodology to deliver a description of key dilution processes in river dominated estuaries
  • The use of salinity measurements of sea water dilution (during stable stratified condition) as an inverse process of a pollutant transport by river discharge in the near field
  • Introducing the expected mass fraction (EMF) and its extension to EVF, provide a new dilution measure for analyzing contaminant plumes in estuaries
  • Coastal water can be classified with hyper spectral imagers for overall clarity and presence of sediments, hydrocarbons, certain nutrients and sub-aquatic vegetation that may pose problems from riverine discharges

IIB Climate change effects in
coastal regions

IIC Ecotoxicological characterization of biologically active substances and complex samples from marine environment

  • Understanding the interaction of environmental substances with basic
    cellular detoxification and defense mechanisms in aquatic organisms;
  • Identification and characterization of biologically active substances from marine environment.

IID Biofilm research –
blue biotechnology