OUR MISSION focuses on the unique integration of the triangle
research – innovation – education

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Head of STIM Center: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c.
Vlasta Bonačić-Koutecký


The Areas of Advance at STIM will be driven by research, innovation and education with basic and applied sciences as a fundament offering platforms for interdisciplinary research and networks. Research that will be performed within Areas of Advance is recognized as excellent and the aim is to position a major part of the research in the category of outstanding. We are planning to become one of the leading centers in the respective areas, to match our scientific excellence to global challenges and make a substantial difference.

I. Advanced technology at nanoscale


1. Development of new materials for fuel cells and solar cells

  1. New materials for hybrid organic-inorganic solar cells
  2. Integrated functional nanocomposite materials for effective and stable organic photovoltaic systems

2. Design of new catalytic materials for low temperature fuel cells.

  1. Novel catalysts for fuel cell feed gas purification
  2. Design of new catalytic materials for low temperature fuel cells
  3. Fuel cell engineering and applications

3. Design of novel nanostructured biosensing materials for medical diagnostics

  1. Development of novel label-free biochips
  2. Application of new functional liganded noble metal clusters and label-free biochips in medical diagnostics for biological aging and inflammatory diseases

II. Water and Environment


1. Pollution transport dynamics and monitoring in river watersheds and coastal zone

2. Impact of climate changes to the coastal area

3. Ecotoxicological characterization of biologically active substances from marine environment – Blue biotechnology


III. Education and transfer of knowledge and technology

These activities aim to develop hands-on research skills of young scientists/researches by facilitating the linking of research with innovation supported by the organization of research workshops as well as support for the achievement and protection of intellectual property rights and the transfer of knowledge and technology.