OUR MISSION focuses on the unique integration of the triangle
research – innovation – education

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Head of STIM Center: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c.
Vlasta Bonačić-Koutecký


STIM-REI, a project at the Center of Excellence for Science and Technology – Integration of Mediterranean Region (STIM), connects research (R), innovation (I) and education (E) through three project elements based on the international excellence of scientists and choice of research topics that are of critical importance for the needs of society

…fundamental research education of young people, and the transfer of knowledge and technology through an innovate connection of research results…

I. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY AT NANOSCALE – focuses on advances in renewable energy and medical diagnostics by developing new materials for fuel and solar cells and by designing novel nanostructured materials for biosensing and biomedicine;
II. WATER AND ENVIRONMENT – includes research on pollution transport dynamics, the monitoring and impact of climate change on coastal areas and marine life through the characterization of biologically active substances and biofilms;
III. EDUCATION – the fundamental scientific education of young researchers and transfer of knowledge and technology through innovative connection of research results and their application with purpose of promoting the flexibility, creativity, and entrepreneurial mindset of young researchers

OUR MISSION focuses on the unique integration of the triangle research – innovation – education:

• Fundamental project roots remove boundaries between scientific disciplines and provide the basis for new interdisciplinary research through networking within and outside of Croatia!

• Our innovation system unifies all aspects of the project elements, including long-term collaboration between academic community and enterprises, providing unique opportunity to use research results in practice!

• The STIM-REI project provides modern equipment for conducting internationally competitive and innovative research!

• The results of newly employed young researchers in Croatia already opens the door for the international recognition and long-term success!

• Connecting education and innovation for the promotion of its own abilities, as well as participation of young foreign researchers from the very beginning makes the STIM Center very attractive and contributes to its long-term sustainability