Development and implementation of specialized programs stimulating connection between entrepreneurship and natural sciences will be structured according to Areas of Advance that will include design of new materials for renewable energy, nanotechnology in medical diagnostics, theoretical modeling, simulations and visualizations, protection of water and environment and computer numerical control of technology processes, and other interdisciplinary areas. As a good example of new EU IPA projects, the project “Competitive Croatian Higher Education for better Employment” has just started at the UNIST and partner institutions with aims to develop programs with short learning outcomes in ICT and applied Physics (new materials, sustainable green technology and automation). Specifically, training objectives within STIM in accord with concept and missions of Euromed-UM, which promotes Excellence in Higher Education, Research and Cooperation will be: (1) To satisfy the expectations of potential employers in the academic, commercial, and public sectors by supplying young researchers with the variety of skills necessary for specific research projects. This expertise will be coupled with supra-disciplinary approaches required for designing and realizing the planned projects; (2) To increase the achievements of young researchers by ensuring an optimum learning environment and by developing their capabilities to combine the knowledge with research practice; (3) To support interdisciplinary and intersectorial research by interaction of young researchers with several teams and providing them access to all the joint research and commercial infrastructures; (4) To promote the flexibility, creativity and the entrepreneurial mindset of young researchers; (5) To provide each young researcher with transferable skills that will be valuable throughout his/her subsequent career; (6) To prepare all young researchers for effective communication with stakeholders from public, research, policy-makers, and industry sectors.