Results of our young researchers/Ph.D. students Martina Perić Bakulić and Hussein
Fakhouri (project activity IE Design of novel nanostructured biosensing materials and their
application in medical diagnostics) were recently published in paper:
Rationale Strategy to Tune the Optical Properties of Gold Catenane Nanoclusters by
Doping with Silver Atoms, Srestha Basu, Martina Perić Bakulić, Hussein Fakhouri,
Isabelle Russier-Antoine, Christophe Moulin, Pierre-François Brevet, Vlasta Bonačić-
Koutecký, and Rodolphe Antoine, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2020 124 (35),
19368-19374, DOI:10.1021/acs.jpcc.0c05402
and higlighted in The Journal of Physical Chemistry C as the Supplementary Cover Art: