The aim of the Center of excellence for science and technology integrating Mediterranean region (STIM) is to focus on research, innovation and education within three Areas of Advance based on excellence profiles and active fields:

I. Advanced technology at nanoscale will focus on renewable energy and nanotechnology for medical diagnostic by development of new materials for solar and fuel cells, and by design of novel nanostructured biosensing materials for medical diagnostics.

II. Water and environment will include protection of the quality and quantity of water and climate change impacts as well as blue biotechnology/marine bioresources for bioeconomy.

III. Education and transfer of knowledge and technology will follow new strategic framework for European cooperation in Education and Training (ET 2020), establishing programs for entrepreneurship in natural sciences and technology structured according to the Areas of Advance, including continuing education and ensuring its excellence.

Our vision is to create the network of high level research groups in Croatia on topics within the Areas of Advance, essential for sustainable development and integration of the Mediterranean area by matching our scientific quality to international challenges where STIM can make a difference.

Our mission is to integrate the triangle research, innovation, education by adding a new dimension. Areas of Advance adress urgent issues as energy, environment and health and provide new interdisciplinary networks within Croatia and Mediterranean area including education programs. The innovation system will join all dimensions of Areas of Advance including academia, research institutes, industry and society, providing opportunity to put research results in effective use.